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As an artist, I explore the impact of technology on culture and identity. Combining scientific processes with storytelling, and emotional expressions, my work explores themes of the subconscious, empathy, posthumanism and decolonial thought, exploring ourselves in the current techno-world; what does it mean to be human? 

Bioart Ghost Plants
Ghost Plants - 2021
Bioart Touchless Laura Rodriguez
Touuchless - 2020
The Fruits of Consciousness- 2020
Microbiology Artwork
Resilient Eco(h)system  2019
Becoming Plant Bioarte
Becoming Plant - 2021
Knitting bioplastics
Knitting Waters - 2020
Minimalist professional corporate Marketing Plan charts and graphs presentation.jpg
New Leaves- 2020
Day of the Death Bioart
PostHuman Altar- 2019