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I have experience delivering academic courses at the bachelor's and master's levels. My pedagogical goals stem from the wish of help students to be creative, free and excellent professionals of art.  


Statement of Teaching

 “It matters what matters we use to think other matters with; it matters what stories we tell to tell other stories with…”- Donna Harraway


Education is another way of storytelling, I like to tell stories that involve biological media, technology and art, so those entities can tell their own stories through the voices of the students. Teaching art has a past and present that is possible to transmit as a story, but the future of art depends on the students we educate, therefore is important to me that each student learn to discover themselves through their own practice.

(2022) Speculative biology and critical design

A series of experiments working with vegetal tissue and cloning of plants, genetically modified spider silk and bacterial culture, Based on posthuman philosophies.


(2022) Introduction to BioArt

An online course designed for Art for Introvert educational website.

(2021) Interspecies connections

A series of experiments working with vegetal tissue and cloning of plants, genetically modified spider silk and, bacterial culture. Based on staying with the trouble book by Harraway, Plant intelligence, and dark ecology statements.


(2020) Biomedia

A series of experiments with DNA cloning, electrophoresis, genetically modified bacteria and growing of bacterial cellulose. Basic concepts of Art and Science and strategies of collaborations between scientists and artists. Based on systems of care and signs of life: Bioart.

(2020) Creative technologies (Invited teacher) Ecology
Series of lectures in critical design, and biodesign,.Based on Speculative Everything by Dunne and Matters of Care by Puig. I also conducted field practice in the parks of Saint Peterburg and monitoring of the final project.

As part of the course, we had a showcase exhibition, students presented artworks made with the different materials we worked on in the course: sodium alginate,  decellularized plants, bacteria and spiders Here is part of the work "Labor" a kinetic sculpture, made of modified silk with nano ferromagnetic particles

 as a teacher-student collaboration. 

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