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Press and Talks


Kuryokhin award nominees

The Sergei Kuryokhin International Prize in Contemporary Art was established in 2009. The objectives of the competition are to identify and support promising artists, curators and musicians, to raise the status of domestic art and its integration into the international cultural environment.  Laura Rodriguez participating in the Art and Science competition.


Exhibition: Staying with the Trouble

Review of an exhibition curated by Khristina Ots and Laura Rodriguez in AIR Gallery. 

Exactly one year after the start of the pandemic, an international exhibition of scientific and technological art dedicated to the study of the dynamics of viral matter. Among the exhibits is a new project by the famous artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg, which is on display for the first time in the world.


Exhibition: Art and Natural Sciences 2021

The Art and Natural Sciences 2021 exhibition curated by Laura Rodriguez and Lyndsey Walsh was the result of two workshops, during which artists, students of Russia's first master's degree in Art & Science, learned to use biological materials in art: they worked with insects and silk, explored the use of DNA technologies to create art projects, and pondered how to talk about natural science processes in the language of art.


What is BioArt?

Russian article in Forbes about a workshop held inside the Go Viral Festival for Kazakhstan.


Art Born of Slime Moulds and Bacteria: ITMO Hosts BioArt Workshops

LIFE FORMS, one of the key tracks of the project, focused on generative biology, bioethics, and other disciplines within BioArt, which is among the most popular fields of Art&Science. ITMO University took part in this track by organizing a BioArt weekend. Laura Rodríguez, a specialist in the field of Bioart

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