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Laura Elidedt Rodriguez



Instagram: laura.sciart

2023 Shortlisted Bioart and Design Award, NL

2020 Winner Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Prize Category: Art and Science, RU



2023  Mind the Textile, Central Library of Rotterdam, NL.
2023  Fungi Entanglement, Saint Petersburg, RU.
2023  Where are you Thetys? Almaty, KZ.
2022  Part of the whole, Albert Van Abbe huis. Eindhoven, NL.
2022  Coexistentes, LA RESIDENCIA GALLERY. Award Adquisition Playa del Carmen, MX.
2022  Paranature Marina Gisich Gallery. Saint Petersburg, RU.
2021   Kuryokhin Prize Showcase, Saint Petersburg, RU.
2021   Bioart. AIR Gallery, Saint Petersburg RU.
2020  Pangardenia. Ars Electronica. Online, Linz AT
2020  Access modes. AIR Gallery. Saint Petersburg, RU.
2020  VIVUS DOMUS Art.Nunc. Saint Petersburg RU.
2019   Reunion Festival.Saint Petersburg State University. Biocad, RU.
2019   Oratorium. Saint Peterburg, RU.


Co-curator- Staying with trouble March 2021. AIR Gallery ITMO University

Curator- Bioart Showcase  January 2021

Co-curator- Pangardenia September 2020. Ars Electronica Saint Petersburg


2012 Vaccines expressed in plants

2018 Small proteins with antibacterial effect. (Trojan-horse like mechanism)

2020 Skin posthuman design

2021 Tissue decellularization

A configuration of cells and proteins experiencing humanity.


Laura Elidedt is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist based in The Netherlands. Laura has a Bachelor’s in biotechnology engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico, a Master’s in Molecular Biology at Skoltech Institute in Moscow, and a second Master’s Degree in Art&Science by ITMO University in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Her works integrate living systems and new media tools to reveal hidden connections, empathy, and kinship between species.  She has worked as a curator and academic master curator, in her career Laura has developed workshops on art and science for artists and the general public and she was the mentor on the Bioart Residency 2023 at YEMAA Center in Kazakhstan.


She co-curated the exhibition "Staying with the trouble" with Khristina Ots  and the remote garden inside the  ArsElectronica Festival with KUR Future_Lab at AIR Gallery (RU). Her artworks integrate Mexican folklore and posthuman philosophies with the new media of science and speculative design. She was awarded the Kuryokhin prize in the Art&Science category in 2021 and currently works independently as an artist in The Netherlands 


Master Program Art&Science ITMO RUSSIA

(2018- 2020)

Master Program in Molecular biology SKOLTECH RUSSIA (2016- 2018)

BSc Biotechnology Engineering. IPN MEXICO


Work Experience

2023 Residency Mentor in the Bioart program at YEMAA Center. Research Topic: water. The result was presented in a final exhibition.

(2019- now) Teacher in diverse theoretical and practical courses of biological art. ITMO University.


(2021- 2022) Educational curator in the program of Art&Science.

Grants and Continuos education

2023 Residency at The Digital Flying Carpet project by Women Connected (WOCO) in collaboration with V2_Lab for the unstable media, Rotterdam.

2023 Science & Art Summer School Program Science Gallery Rotterdam : Organ Transplantation. Attendee of selected group for the Summer School at Erasmus Medical Center

2023 TTTlabs- New Repro-Rebirthing Retreat (NR-RR) Participant as a TTTseers BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC)

2022 ASH MA: Art, Science and Health Master of Arts - Attendee on the Online Pilot Course 

2022 FONCA FUND in collaboration with CIBNOR, MX

2021  HG/HL Makers Exchange Collaboration with Lyndsey Walsh for animal tissue decellularization, Funded by Fab Lab Barcelona

Talks, workshops and provided courses

2020 and 2023 Biosummit- MIT Media Lab. Online talk on
Biomaterials in contemporary art. 
2021 ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts
Panelist on Art, Science and the Invisible World We Live

2019 XV Higher Education and its Perspectives. Cuba.Art and Science collaborations as an effective educational system. Poster presentation

2023 Workshop Ghost plants

2021 Online workshop from Biology to AR
2021 Decolonizing Death. Removal of cells from plants and organs to create Alebrijes 

2020 Dinner Degustation of DNA
2020 Migrant Physarum Workshop


2023  Speculative Design
Online course in digital and speculative design linking biomaterials and biological research. Level: Master and Bachelor

2022  Introduction to BioArt
In person course for ITMO University, theory and history of BioArt. Second iteration as Online course designed for Art for Introvert educational website. Level: Bachelor and general public

2021 Interespecies connections
A series of experiments with DNA cloning, electrophoresis, genetically modified bacteria and growing of bacterial cellulose. Basic concepts of Art and Science and strategies of collaborations between scientists and artists.  Level: Master and Bachelor

2020 Biomedia
A series of experiments working with vegetal tissue and cloning of plants, genetically modified spider silk and bacterial culture, Based on posthuman philosophies. Level: Master and Bachelor

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