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Mind the textile

The installation is an artistic investigation of the mind and constructions of stories. The Women Connected community underwent developmental sessions, engaging in experimental activities to heighten awareness of our thoughts and minds. Through shared meditation, storytelling, laughter, and imaginative scenarios, we delved into the capacities of our minds, capturing the essence through electroencephalograms, images, and brain activity data.

The whole process aimed to materialize the inner process of metacognition, to think about the way we think. Using EEG devices, we trained algorithms to detect mental commands, modifying 3D models to showcase the power of thoughts. The resulting textile bears witness to our mental patterns and brain activity images, symbolizing the amalgamation of individual stories within a storytelling and crafts-based community.

Challenging the Western emphasis on reinforcing individual stories for self-empowerment, our installation advocates for the dissolution of ego through collectivism. By repurposing individual narratives on stage, we blur the lines between personal and collective, fostering a shared path. As stories converge, the fabric becomes a metaphor for the dissolution of ego, challenging the notions of identity, categorization, and labeling.


Mind the textile- Elidedt Rodríguez

V2_ Residency with Women Connected Rotterdam

Support of Cultuurloket DigitALL

Can we be aware of our thoughts forming?

This artistic project is an exploration of the metacognition process. The electric activity of the brains of women crafters and storytellers was recorded and passed into physical fabrics and digital objects.

“Any man could, if he were so inclined, be the sculptor of his own brain.”― Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Neuroscientist Advice for a Young Investigator

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