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Experimental presentation introducing the idea of being mindful as a slime mold.  The project seeks to cultivate empathy for non-human agents and promote mental health awareness by exploring slime mold behaviors, and enhancing cognitive self-regulation. The artist has cultured slime mold, Physarum polycephalum, and measured its electric activity obtaining analogs to encephalograms by comparison with the brain activity of humans slime mold is in a meditative state, therefore we explore the possibility of thinking as slime mold, meditating and observing images of its growth.

In further steps the meditation would be mediated by an EEG device (electroencephalogram) and training programs to self-regulate cognition and control devices to grow slime mold. This first showcase invites you to sit in the gallery space and reflect on what is it like to be a plasmodial slime mold? How does such an entity think and feel, and encounter the world?

"Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a lush forest,
where the air is alive with the symphony of nature
In this enchanted space,
you begin a transformative meditation
to embody the teachings of the wise slime mold"

"As you gracefully let go of any lingering tensions, 
imagine your worries dissolving 
like dew in the morning sun. 
Embrace the art of release, 
feeling lighter and more attuned to the natural rhythms of life."

Images and films of some slime mold in collaboration with Computational Biologist (in the making) Carlos Muñoz. 

Badhamia utricularis is a species of slime mold in the family Physaraceae was identified


Copy Rights. Laura Rodriguez 

Prelude. Mouldfulness

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