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The Fruits of consciousness

It is a virtual game-artwork based on the theories of sight, knowledge, and consciousness fundamentally inspired by the scientific literature of Lynne A. Isbell regarding the connection and coevolution between the serpent, human, the fruit, and the tree in relation to our biological history.


Mysticism and symbolism are now mostly wrongly regarded as absurd theories and pseudoscience that is not worth listening, Carl Gustav Jung’s life work suggests, there is truth in our stories and myths, that does not mean a story is real, truth refers to a more complex, and in a way, transcendental state of the human consciousness. In the story, the snake offers the fruit to Eve, which she considers to be desirable and pleasant to the eyes. It is also True that red fruit has always been more desirable for primates because of color and sweetness. Snakes and humans were in the arm-race of coevolution venom resistance and promoted the complex vision system we have nowadays. Therefore we ought to see them and analyze them in a way we could find scientific answers in them just as this story shows us the deepest parts of our unconscious.


Three main actors or a trident. The digital tree of Malus pumila and with a suggested modification, with the DNA of a gene coding for snake protein. The protein is represented by a 3D model of the protein in the top This tree is the symbolic rhyme of the Genesis tree, a specimen that tells a true story any visitor can relate to or adapt to their own life. 


On the top of the tree, there will be the protein of a snake venom that will hover and show by owning the metaphorical essence of the tree. Beside the tree, there will be two non-human agents. The robot arms will be pre-programmed to maintain alive this tree and avoid the harm of the visitor that attempts to step forward unto the three in the digital garden. The robots’ names are Adam and Eve and they act through this robot as extensions to protect and maintain the foundations of human consciousness, and the important elements of our myths and stories in a speculative world where humans do not preserve them anymore, by a probable extinction or lack of care for the myths and symbols; Non-human entities now take care of the representation of human consciousness.













When the visitor sits near the tree and delivers personal information to either Adam or Eve,  the tree delivers an A.P.P.L.E ( A Psychological Path for a Longlife Experience) A unique digital abstract apple representing the consciousness of the user if answered sincerely. All these apples are representations of the individual consciousness shaped by each human. 


Through this interactive experience, the participant has the opportunity to reflect on his/her own consciousness, awareness, and life story. The artwork suggests a diversion of the spiritual and the matter but still linked by a biological theory. 


Ethan Avila
Laura Rodriguez

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