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In situ project collecting water from different aquatic bodies of the city or surroundings and encapsulating it in layer, fibers or sculptures of alginate. (Ongoing)

Research presented in AVAhuis, Eindhoven

“We are all burnt by ultraviolet rays. We all contain water in about the same ratio as Earth does, and salt water in the same ratio that the oceans do. We are poems about the hyperobject Earth.” - Timothy Morton

Dark Ecology conceives of our world as a ‘mesh’ of objects. It has abandoned the strict divides between Nature and Culture, Technology and Politics, and Nature and Society. It’s dark because it invites us to think about how humans are intimately attached to and interconnected. Morton writes that in an age of ecological awareness, we will conceive of art as a demonic force, carrying information from the beyond, that is, from nonhuman entities such as global warming, wind, water, sunlight and radiation. In other words, in our ecological age, art is the force that lets things speak to us. 


Water Fabrics

By capturing the water for some time inside the alginate we are able to stop, or better said, slow down the way of water and appreciate its journey.

What chemical exists in this body of water? who are the inhabitants of it and what is their relationship with the human and non-human entities around (in) them? 

I collect samples from different parts of the city and then the water evaporates leaving behind a bioplastic sculpture a vestige of the water form. 

This is an ongoing project, the first research presentation was made in the water of Playa del Carmen, Mexico and then in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 

Water blue fabrics.webp
waterblue fabrics.webp
green watrer fabrics2.webp
WaterEindhoven 2.webp
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