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This is sargassum, macroalgae full of planktonic species, it helps to purify water and absorb carbon dioxide and key habitat for fish, turtles, and shrimps...the higher temperatures in the oceans have created massive migration of it to the cost of Caribbean affecting the tourism and economy of the beaches and offshore.


I have removed the cells from the sargassum, leaving the cellulose structure intact, therefore it remains as a strong protein fibre with multiple possibilities of use in the industry. 

I started to create a dress, another outfit and a perspective for mother nature, the possibilities of collaborating with the "trouble" by understanding that the origin is only us, and the subproduct is an opportunity to change or to find new ways of coexistance.

A project of algae couture and decellularization. Decellularization is the complete removal of all cellular components from the tissue while preserving its extracellular matrix. In this case, removing the vegetal cells and preserving the carbohydrate cellulose structure.

The tailoring stopped after migrated from Playa del Carmen México. 




sargazo 3.webp
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