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Becoming Plant

Becoming Plant

Decellularized spinach Spinacia oleracea, Poinsettia Dianthus caryophyllus and  Carnation Euphorbia pulcherrima leaves and flowers, printings of speculative implants and medical diagrams

By decellurazing the vegetal tissue, the installation “Becoming plant” exposes the transparency and fragility surrounding notions of identity and its relationship to body image and form..  The work is built upon the biotechnological process of decellularizing biological materials. By removing living cells from their original cellular structure, the work uses this process as a metaphor to represent the deconstruction of form through technoscientific interventions


. Upon the completion of the decellularization process, the constructs could be seeded with cultured cells taken from animals or humans. The artist views this process of reclaiming these botanical biological forms as however, the work takes a critical stance on the transformation just by figures, this acquisition also extends to the essence of the original materials and function.  Following the philosophies of  Deleuze and Guattari this type of, "becoming-" is not one of imitation or analogy, but instead, it is generative of a new way of being that is a function of influences rather than resemblances.

In principle, this act of becoming-other expands on our notion of the confines inside bodies and bodie's materials by extending meaning through the incorporation of the subjective qualities of other-lifes.

The “Becoming Plant” project is a speculative experiment and ritual that attempts to reframe the opposition between artificial and natural realities and rethink the inviolacy of borders between human and plant bodies. By implanting the structure of plants and following the instructions after surgery, a ritual of transformation is established, which aims to shift the ability of perception, thoughts, and movement towards a plant-values-oriented human relationships. 

The possibility to get aesthetic implants from plants it is too shallow if we do not integrate the plant values> what means to be a plant? what mean to be a hybrid? 

Tissue engineering is looking for alternative materials for prostheses and patches of skin and organs, what are the implications beyond the medical progress, but can we demolish the idea of what makes us different by looking more into our similarities and connections? 

AIR GALLERY, Saint Petersburg, Russia

La Residencia Gallery, Playa del Carmen, México
YEMAA Center. Kazakhstan 

Winner of acquisition in "Coexistentes" La Residencia Art Project

Dear Hybrid.

After acquiring your TranPLANT, the time has come to practice certain behaviors and care into your physique and psyche/ The surgery is the initial phase of this metamorphic journey, towards embodying the convictions of vegetal entities: connectivity, temporality, growth, ecological darkness, and non-intentional awareness.


Each dawn commences with rituals of blossoming, facilitating the infusion of your circulatory system with the essence of TransPLANT:

  • Start the day on your knees and your brow gently kissing the ground, reminiscent of a seed's posture. Engage in a deliberate inhalation, followed by a gradual exhalation. Elevate your spinal column, extend your arms, and add three more breaths.

  • Allow your arms to rest, flanking your body, attuning to the room's temperature– is it cool, or warm? Find the air currents, and sway your arms in synchrony.

  • Expose your epidermis, to the caress of natural sunbeams for a minimum of ten minutes each day.

  • Remember, time is experienced differently by plant entities; once a month, place the soles of your bare feet on wet ground and wait for 10 minutes, as you appreciate the celestial dance of clouds, the sun's radiance, or the moon's progression.

  • The non-intentional consciousness of plants refers to the state of "Thinking before thinking" unlike the "Cogito, ergo sum" plant life does not require proof of its existence and purpose to just be.

  • Every day take a glass of water between your hands, and focus your attention on the transparency, when you start drinking it, do it slowly and detect how the water passes through your lips, mouth, tongue, throat, oesophagus, to your stomach, at what point does the water cease to be foreign, becoming an intrinsic part of your being?

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