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Workshop: DNA homemade extraction

Extract DNA  (Art and Science workshop)

Let’s bring art and biology together!
This is a fun workshop, especially for kids and teenagers, but everyone curious is welcomed. We will learn about Bioart in a fun way, making a futuristic cell and extracting DNA from fruits and becoming a little scientist and artist!

Let’s Do Art and Science Together.
It is a full session to practice creativity, and the English language while having an awesome time!

When and Where? 

10th March  Friday  15:30 - 17:00
Albert Van Abbe Huis
Bilderdijklaan 19, 5611 NG Eindhoven
Albert Van Abbe Huis



Extract DNA from strawberries and then encapsulate it in a bioplastic cell!

Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 14.39.42.png

Collaboration 15 Euros

- Your help will be destinated on materials to run more workshops and for making new artwork.

Limited places

You can pay through tikkie and put your name to registering
pay in cash but send me you name to reserve or ask for more information at

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