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Workshop: Ghost Plants

This a mini course for artists, designers, amateurs and everyone interested in the Art&Science practices. We will remove the cells from flowers and leaves and translate their form into a digital existence. The workshop is based on the project Ghost Plants by Laura Rodriguez which dwells on the idea of an afterlife for non-human entities. We will have a small lecture on art and science projects and vegetal entities such as forests, flowers or plants. Then we will start an experiment to remove cells from your samples. A second session to work on the pictures and create 3D models of your experiment.
No experience is needed, just willing to have fun!

Let’s celebrate women in science and art with decellularized flowers!

First Session

Saturday 29th  April  14:00- 16:00 pm
Creative Town Eindhoven
Het College 22, 5611 EH Eindhoven


We will have a small fun talk about bioart, art and science examples and start the experiment to remove cells from your samples. 

326582507_503341478549837_4739613405142088414_n (1).webp

Second Session

3rh May Wednesday 18:00- 20:00 pm

You will need your computer and Open Source software, this is an introductory practice

What do you need?
- Bring a leave or small flower, so we can remove the cells and get their protein skeleton
- To make a digital leave you need a computer (we will work with Rhino7 and Blender *no experience needed)
- Cellphone to take pictures of your samples

Collaboration 50Euros

- Your help will be destinated on materials to run more workshops and for making new artwork.
Limited places
Add your name to the Tikkie and reserve your place! 

You can also pay in cash on the day of the event by sending an e-mail to reserve your place to:

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