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Instagram: laura.sciart

Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Prize 2020. Category: Art and Science


Oratorium. 04-2019- Artwork "Resilient Eco(h)system"

Reunion Festival. 06-2019- Artwork "Altar" 

Access modes. 10.2020 - Artwork "Touchless"
Vivus Domus Art.Nunc.10-2020- Artwork "Touchless"
Collaboration with BIOCAD company
Pangardenia. Ars Electronica.09- 2020-Artwork "The roots of consciousness"
Bioart Showcase.  02-2021 Artwork "Becoming Plant" AIR Gallery
Paranature (Параприрода). 01-2022 - Artwork "Ghost Plants" in Marina Gisich Gallery.
Kuryokhin Prize Showcase. 12-2021- Artwork "Touchless"
Coexistentes.07-2022- Collective Exhibition La Residencia. Mexico

Part of a whole 10-2022 AlbertVanAbbehuis and Creative Woman. Eindhoven

A configuration of cells and proteins that allows the experience of humanity, looking for the roots of the other configurations of life​ to understand itself and others. 

Born in the land of myths, Mexico.

currently curator of the Bioart specialization. I explore posthuman speculation, the deep matter from the molecular level, and the philosophical questions of being together.


Master Program Art&Science ITMO RUSSIA

(2018- 2020)

Master Program in Molecular biology SKOLTECH RUSSIA (2016- 2018)

BSc Biotechnology Engineering. IPN MEXICO


Curated Exhibitions

Curator- Staying with trouble March 2021. AIR Gallery ITMO University

Curator- Bioart Showcase  January 2021

Curator- Pangardenia September 2020. Ars Electronica Saint Petersburg

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